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A Shadowed Flower’s Dream
Filius, Lorenz

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ISBN 978-3-8482-2698-6
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A Shadowed Flower’s Dream

Julius breaks up with his long-time girlfriend Wiebke since he feels constrained by her and her parents. He tries his luck in Norway. There he becomes acquainted with Anna. She is handicapped and bound to a wheelchair. Very soon, Julius makes friends with the young woman, who lives her life quite reclusively. They fall in love, and Julius tries to clarify that Anna can disengage herself from her loneliness although disabled. In doing so, he awakens to the fact that Anna's and his associations of a content life are different. He, in contrary to Anna, is affected by his longing for illusions, what makes it hard for him to live a stable life. Finally, that puts a question mark over his stay in Norway as he gets an offer in Germany that he hardly can reject - if it were not for Anna.

Lorenz Filius

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