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Archery Through the Ages - In the Twilight of Truth
Meine, Thomas M.

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ISBN 978-3-7322-9306-3
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Archery Through the Ages - In the Twilight of Truth

--- The most shocking book in the history of archery ---

If you want to know the truth, you must read his book. Straight forward, clear-cut, unbending. Greek or Roman mythology, legends, folk tales, trivial stories, conspiracy theories, common knowledge, scientific discoveries, old superstitions - the author critically evaluates their content and does not shy away from challenging taboos - or to unmask cherished values.

Carefully researched, brilliantly analyzed, well-argued, convincing.

A Cult Book of Archery History, not only for archers, but for all interested in search of the inspirational source of lies, hoaxes or the treasure box of the spin doctors. Satire at its best, entertaining and educational.

When Roger Aschams work -Toxophilus- the first English book on archery, was the beginning, then this book closes the lid.

For those who want to impress with wit, irony and confidence in debates and disputes on myths, legends and folktales and similar pseudo-cultural outpourings, this book is the ideal crib sheet and knowledge base.

Thomas M. Meine

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