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Chaotische Gebete
Witter, Sascha

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ISBN 978-3-7347-4172-2
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Chaotische Gebete

"Als eine Art Impuls erweisen sich diese poetischen Entwürfe
in unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft zu der Sprache stehend, welche
mit den Mitteln der Vergangenheitsbewältigung kämpft & keineswegs durch zweckmässiges Denken geprägt ist."

Sascha Witter

SSascha Witter, born 9.8.1980 comes from Germany & seeks the favorableness of destiny within a hopeless world of no aim. His love belongs to the "Poete Maudits" & the thoughtfullness of the keen writers, who influenced him mostly in absence of his own paradox, by which he'd like to confess that the music of his life is dedicated to one special girl that is the sophisticated choice of his work today & the task of his daily routine. Until he becomes what he is, he's going to call out for all gods sake, that the one who is employed with the pleasure of meeting interesting people from time to time by following her heart, is still trying to outrage the mind of the consequences that lead to his ideas.

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