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Marks, Isaac, Editor; Sibilia, Lucio, Co-Editor; Borgo, Stefania, Co-Editor (Hrsg.)

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ISBN 978-8886290029
Verlag: Centro per la Ricerca in Psicoterapia
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The clp project is creating a general lexicon of psychotherapy procedures in its website: www.commonlanguagepsychotherapy.org.
Therapists from round the world describe operationally what they do with clients. They show overlaps and differences across procedures used in varying approaches. Clp entries are practical descriptions of therapists’ procedures - what they do, not why they do it - though procedure and theory can be hard to unravel. Each entry briefly describes one of a broad range of psychotherapy procedures in plain language, and includes a short Case Illustration. The growing A-Z website already includes procedures from many therapy approaches, with entries coming so far from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and USA.
This volume shows the first 80 entries

Stefania, Co-Editor Borgo (Hrsg.)

Professor Stefania Borgo qualified in medicine and post-graduated in neurology and psychiatry at the University of Rome Sapienza, received also training in clinical psychology and clinical toxicology. Founding member of the Italian Society of Behaviour Therapy (SITC, 1973, eventually SITCC), of the Centre for Research in Psychotherapy (CRP, 1985), and of the Italian Society of Psychosocial Medicine (SIMPS, 2002), she has also been advisor and member of WHO
working groups. Former teacher of Health Promotion at the Sapienza University of Rome, she currently teaches Psychiatry. She is the Director of a post-graduate School in Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, and Scientific Director of the Center for Research in Psychotherapy. Director of the Journal on line Psychomed, and Board member of other scientific journals, she has published 12 professional books and 250 scientific papers in the fields of psychiatry, psychoterapy and clinical toxicology. Her research is currently focused on emotions and cognitive representations.

Isaac, Editor Marks (Hrsg.)

Professor Isaac Marks qualified in medicine at the University of Cape Town in 1956. He trained as a psychiatrist at the Univ of London at the Bethlem-Maudsley Hospital from 1960-3. He was a founding Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1971 and became a Fellow in 1976. He did clinical research at the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London & the Bethlem-Maudsley Hospital from 1964 to 2000, becoming Consultant Psychiatrist there in 1968 and Professor of Experimental Psychopathology there in 1978. In 2000 he became Professor Emeritus there and at King’s College London. He was a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences in Stanford, California, Salmon lecturer and medallist at the New York Academy of Sciences, Sackler Scholar at the Advanced Studies Institute, University of Tel Aviv 1998, consultant to WHO, NIMH, UK Dept of Health, visiting professor to universities in 6 continents, Chairman of the British Association for Behavioural Psychotherapy, President of the European Association of Behaviour Therapy. He has been on the boards of many scientific journals and committees and had many awards. He has published 14 professional books and 470 scientific papers. Professor Marks's research has included the treatment of anxiety and sexual disorders by psychological therapies. He co-ordinates the international Task Force which is publishing this book. 

Lucio, Co-Editor Sibilia (Hrsg.)

Professor Lucio Sibilia is full time Faculty member at the Sapienza University of Rome, holding Courses in psychiatry and clinical psychology. Editor or co-editor of 9 volumes, and author or co-author of 90 papers or book chapters in psychotherapy, behavioural medicine, clinical and health psychology, he is also Board member of the Journal of Health Psychology, and of the Journal of Psychopathology, Psychopharmacology & Psychotherapy, and of Italian journals in psychotherapy and toxicology. He has been founding member of the Italian Society of Behaviour and Cognitive Therapy (SITCC, 1973), of the Centre for Research in Psychotherapy (CRP, 1985), of the Italian Society of Health Psychology (SIPSA, 1996) and of the Italian Society of Psychosocial Medicine (SIMPS, 2002). Invited 10 times as keynote speaker (1993-2009) at National and International conferences, he has also been proponent and principal investigator in National research projects, among which the "Agata" Project, pertaining to the Italian National Mental Health Project, and the "Cactus" project, sponsored by the Italian Government. His main research interests span from the effectiveness of psychotherapies to cognitive-behavioural methods in health psychology.

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