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In the Land of Silence: Learning with my Master
In the Himalayas
Mantese, Mario

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ISBN 978-3-8423-9166-6
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In the Land of Silence: Learning with my Master

In this autobiographical novel Mario Mantese depicts the fateful encounter with a spiritual master in the Himalaya. As he approaches this liberated universal master and is confronted with his unorthodox methods and teachings, the traveler plummets into a deep crisis, a destabilizing of everything he had thought and felt before. The exploits of these two men reveal just how forcefully the hardened, rigidly structured intellect is challenged when it encounters such a universal human being. The love, wisdom, and immense energy of the master, which the reader can directly experience from this book, open a pathway. Ultimately, this pathway leads to an end that is the liberation from all paths, a flowing back into never-ending Non-Being.

Mario Mantese

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