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It’s over - I just don’t know it yet!
coping with traumatic childbirth experiences
Sahib, Tanja

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ISBN 978-3-7431-0856-1
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It’s over - I just don’t know it yet!

The book "It is over - I just don't know it yet" covers the overcoming and coping with traumatic Birth experiences that many mothers live through for different reasons.
These mothers are asking themselves, why with the birth of their child (which dates back weeks or months) they have lost joy and confidence in their lives.
Adding to this is a hazy memory of the birth and absent feelings of love for the child.
This book shows comprehensive ideas of the healing Process, Questions and Exercises that assist in dealing with the Experience, the Processing and even the overcoming of a traumatic birth. Quotes and reports of mothers and fathers, concrete advice for their nearest relatives and counseling for the fearless preparation of the next birth complete this book.

Tanja Sahib

Tanja Sahib arbeitet seit vielen Jahren in einer Beratungsstelle für Schwangere und Eltern mit Babys.

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