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Lady Purple
Eva Sol's Art Reflecting Japan
Sol, Eva; Lochschmidt, Maria Fernanda

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ISBN 978-3-7481-7886-6
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Lady Purple

While living in Tokyo from 2015 to 2018, Eva Sols artistic production became heavily influenced by the environment, culture, people and Japanese art itself.
Her paintings are a mirror of her experiences and the visual impacts she was exposed to. By using her pictorial idiom, she masterfully blends iconic themes from the Land of the Rising Sun with motives of her own imagery in colorful, dynamic compositions.
Her use of purple, murasaki in Japanese, dominant in her work of this period, reflects the broader context of this color in Japanese art history.

Maria Fernanda Lochschmidt

Brazilian, Master in History of Art,
University of Vienna, Austria.
Lives currently in Japan, Tokyo.

Felix Milazeck (Hrsg.)

German self-employed digital designer,
Studies business informatics in Nuremberg.
Lives currently in Furth, Germany.

Eva Sol

German Meisterschüler of Art,
Art Academy Nuremberg.
Lives currently in Switzerland, Zug.

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