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The different language
Heeren, Erik H.J.

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ISBN 978-3-7528-7399-3
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Why is a nearly 14-year-old boy writing poems? The reason why I can explain easily. On the one hand, there was my Literature teacher. It was simply a homework assignment! After that went to be fun, another important factor of a 14-year-old boy came along: Love! What made the girls melt away, if you were not just a sports star: self-written poems! So much for my initial motivation. But I do not want to hide that I had already written smaller stories in elementary school, unfortunately, all are lost.

Erik H.J. Heeren

Erik H.J. Heeren was born in 1975 in Ostfriesland.

He first studied chemistry for two years, then switched to Protestant religion and English studies at the University of Oldenburg.

Professionally, he worked as a school social worker, moved in 2009 in East Frisia as a youth worker in the community Ihlow. He is also a psychosocial counsellor and multiplier for participation.

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