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Nightscapes from Afar
A Collection
Tatum, Tomasz

64 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-7431-9150-1
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Nightscapes from Afar

The text and prose contained in this collection dates back as far as the early 1980s. Some are coolly-distant observations which could form the lyrical basis for a song while others stand alone, radiating individuality and a deeply personal character. In sum, they paint a picture in which the intensity and the gravity forming the nucleus of the early first-person narrations is deconstructed, like pinpoints of light within the constellation of a much larger scheme of things. While the first-person significance seems to diminish with this perspective, the order inherent within this bigger picture benefits directly from the structure provided by each individual observation.

Tomasz Tatum

Tomasz Tatum is an American author living in southern Germany since 1998. Schooled in the US and in Germany, he has travelled the world, working in the fields of aviation and commercial consulting before becoming a writer.

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