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Novel Techniques for Thwarting Communication Jamming in Wireless Networks
Strasser, Mario

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ISBN 978-3-8391-4778-8
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Novel Techniques for Thwarting Communication Jamming in Wireless Networks

A major challenge in securing wireless applications and services
is the inherent vulnerability of radio transmissions to
communication jamming Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks. This
vulnerability gains in significance the more one takes the ubiquity
of these applications and services for granted and becomes a
crucial factor in the context of safety-critical applications. At
best, failures of safety-critical systems can result in substantial
financial damage - at worst, in loss of life.

In this thesis, we investigate the fundamental primitives that
enable jamming-resistant communication and propose novel
anti-jamming techniques for scenarios where common
anti-jamming techniques cannot be applied. This includes
scenarios where network dynamics or lack of trust in the devices
prohibits the pre-distribution of shared secrets (a prerequisite for
common anti-jamming techniques), or where the use of
anti-jamming communication is precluded by the constraints of
the employed (e.g., narrowband and single-channel) transceivers.

Mario Strasser

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