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La Perra, Priska

100 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-9817365-2-6
Verlag: Brigitte Meyer-Simon Verlag
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This volume of poems and philosophical commentaries is an inspiring and touching kaleidoscope of iconic words reflecting hidden and often blocked out intense experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions...and, be sure, Priska la Perra doesn't shy away from picking up on tricky subjects...

Clear words, surprising poetic metaphers accompanied by animating and interpreting commtaries. It's an exciting blend of poetry and prose...

Priska La Perra's open-minded cogitations and reflections are truly eye-opening and heartening. You'll swim in an ocean of worldly-wise philosophy of life...A power station for your buoyancy...

For Lovers, Longers, Injured, Paramours, Dupes, Thinkers, the Strong and the Weak...

Multifaceted, unvarnished, sarcastic, provocative, profound, realistic, laconic, satiric, ironic, blissful, longing, aesthetic, romantic, surprising, hopeful...

Ariadne De Saxon (Hrsg.)

Ariadne De Saxon ist eine weltoffene Frau. Sie möchte die aus Lebenserfahrungen destillierte Essenz mit ihren Leserinnen und Lesern teilen.

Priska La Perra

Priska La Perra ist eine mit allen Sinnen Reisende durch Raum und Zeit.


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