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Profit from Software Ecosystems
Student Workbook
Popp, Karl Michael

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ISBN 978-3-8448-0590-1
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Profit from Software Ecosystems

As a companion to the textbook „Profit from software ecosystems“ this book presents additional literature and work tasks for students and academic researchers. Many tasks in this workbook are taken from real business in the software industry.
Practitioners in the software industry use this book to stay up to date while solving the mind teasers in this book. Please visit www.synomic.com/partnerbook for more information.

Karl Michael Popp

Dr. Karl Michael Popp is senior director of mergers and acquisitions in the corporate development team at SAP SE, one of the largest software companies in the world, responsible for holistic analysis of acquisition opportunities and post merger integration.
He is a speaker, author and expert on successful business models for software vendors, such as open source business models and the corresponding revenue models, in the cloud, on mobile devices or for the internet of things.
He published several books on this topic, a highly referenced article in IEEE Software on Software business models and is the editor of a special edition of IEEE Software on "Managing Software Platforms and Ecosystems" together with Michael Cusumano from MIT and with Slinger Jansen from Utrecht University. He frequently blogs, too: https://www.drkarlpopp.com/karl-michael-popps-blog .
He runs the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems and in 2018, he ran three sessions at the First European Platform Economy Summit, supported by MIT Initiative on the digital economy, London Business School, Acatech and the World Economic Forum.


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