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Repairs of Aircraft Composite Structures
Rössler, Marc

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ISBN 978-3-7347-9235-9
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Repairs of Aircraft Composite Structures

This book deals with the structure and the repair of aircraft composite structures. The content of this book was conceptualized for training aircraft mechanics who conduct repairs of aircraft parts made of composites and train for the Swiss composite s-license. However, it is also aimed at anyone interested in this topic.

Marc Rössler

Marc Rössler, born in 1972, trained model builder, graduate adult educator, worked many years as a composite specialist for a supplier of technical services in civil aviation.
The long-standing experience in a repair shop as well as training and instruction activities in a globally operating MRO company and continuous further education led to founding his own company flugundform in 2010, whose specialties are developing, manufacturing, consulting, and repairing of composite structures as well as training.

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