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SCCharts - Language and Interactive Incremental Compilation
Motika, Christian

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ISBN 978-3-7460-0939-1
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SCCharts - Language and Interactive Incremental Compilation

Safety-critical systems are a subclass of reactive systems, a dominating class of computer systems. Such systems control airbags in cars, flaps of aircrafts, or pace makers. Software for these systems must be reliable. Hence, a language and tooling is needed that allows to build and maintain reliable software models. Furthermore, a reliable compiler is required to obtain decent machine-understandable and executable code from highly abstract models.
This thesis presents SCCharts, a Statecharts-based visual and synchronous modeling language for specifying and designing safety-critical software systems and for deriving their implementations.


Christian Motika

Christian Motika studied computer science at Kiel University and specialized in the fields of embedded systems, synchronous languages, and model-driven engineering. Since 2017, he works in the aerospace industry as a system and software engineer at Philotech, a primary Airbus supplier.

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