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The Airsoft Game Mode Guide
Your introduction to a fascinating and fulfilling hobby away from the mainstream!
Baxter, Taylor E.

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ISBN 978-3-7494-5076-3
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The Airsoft Game Mode Guide

Have you had enough of the same game modes forever?
Want to try something new and exciting?
Are you a game organizer yourself and looking for creative ideas?

Here you'll find a selection of alternative game modes you can customize.

Taylor E. Baxter

Taylor E. Baxter, a passionate airsoft player, has gained experience in a wide variety of game areas and in several European countries.

After a few years of playing experience, he realized how much the questions of newcomers and aspirants have been the same for years and how tedious and time-consuming it is to gather essential information from different sources. With this series of books, he now wants to encourage and support beginners as well as advanced players!

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