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The Club 72
Who Wants To Live Forever?
Welin, Josh

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ISBN 978-3-7357-3922-3
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The Club 72

George Lane was a mid-fifties, middle-class Englishman, heading slowly but surely for retirement. No one who knew him at that time could have possibly guessed that he would spark a debate about life and death and become famous throughout Europe.

Two weeks before his seventy third birthday, he is due to appear on German television in order to explain why he is planning to end his own life at the age of seventy-two. How did he get into this position? And does he stick to his word? Well that’s the story of George Lane and the “Club 72”.

Josh Welin

"Josh Welin was born in England in 1951. In 1976, he moved to Darmstadt, Germany and continued to drift through life until, at the age of 60, he decided to write his first book."

"Josh Welin wurde 1951 in England geboren. 1976 kam er nach Darmstadt, Deutschland und driftete durchs Leben, bis er beschloss, mit 60 Jahren, sein erstes Buch zu schreiben."

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