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The half Italian woman
Bunyan, Charles

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ISBN 978-3-8482-2262-9
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The half Italian woman

When a lawyer whose job is to investigate alleged bank fraud in Switzerland and who is also, as a member of his church, looking into the disappearance of a painting attributed to Caravaggio together with the theft of many thousands of pounds by an errant clergyman, he decides to operate from Lindau in South Germany. There he hopes to be safe from the Swiss who can be difficult about banking secrecy.
He meets a woman who is half Italian and teaches at a school near Lindau. He falls in love with her.
His enquiries reveal the activities of The Tenth William Tell Bank in St Gallen, Switzerland during The Second World War and a long buried secret...

Charles Bunyan

Charles Bunyan is a retired lawyer and lives in Scotland. This is his 12th novel. He has also written two novellas.

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