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Where is Daddy?
Sidler, Evelyne; Mendes, Nico; Fischlin, Rachel

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ISBN 978-3-7528-8097-7
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Where is Daddy?

Tim's parents split up shortly after his birth and he didn't get the chance to know his father well. As he became older, he realised that his family was different, but he didn't understand why.

In this book, Tim talks about his desire to see his Daddy. How he felt, what bothered him, made him angry and sad, and how he finally found a way to come to terms with it.

Rachel Fischlin

Rachel Fischlin, born in 1986 in Central Switzerland, works part-time as an artist. She paints, draws, illustrates. More at www.rachelfischlin.com.

Nico Mendes

Nico Mendes, born in 2004 in Central Switzerland, co-author and namesake of the characters in the book.

Evelyne Sidler

Evelyne Sidler, born in 1971 in Central Switzerland, works in the commercial field and wrote the story for her son Nico, because she found nothing comparable in the book trade.

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