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You Are the World
Pearls of Love
Mantese, Mario

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ISBN 978-3-7431-0454-9
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You Are the World

"I am the divine emptiness from which the first thought appears. Through it all things are revealed. I am the one feeling out of which all feelings are revealed. Do not lose yourself in the apparent variety of manifestation, for I alone am the one great unity, beyond which nothing exists."
Who speaks these words? No ‘I’ as we know it. The Swiss author and spiritual teacher Mario Mantese expresses from the source beyond space and time. His aphorisms are glimmering pearls of love, and their radiance guides the soul directly to the Self.
"Why are you afraid to recognize your true Self, and to be? Awaken in me, Beloved! I am absolute presence and supreme wisdom. Truly, I am you and you are me."

Mario Mantese

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