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Miraculous animals
Schier, Britta
32 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-7494-1061-3
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Miraculous animals

This coloring book invites you to dive into the vibration of the magical power animals in a playful and creative manner and to let them work on a deep level. The transformational affirmations help to internalize the power animal's message and to demonstrate its qualities which is very willingly offers to you.

Britta Schier

Britta Schier is a trained lawyer. Since she didn't find satisfaction or fulfillment in her job she started her own quest for self-discovery 12 years ago when she followed her heart and moved from Germany to BC, Canada. She became a retreat coach, Matrix Energetix Practitioner and a mother. In the meantime she also discovered her love for art and creating inspirational coloring books and card decks. You can find more of her beautiful creations at www.schiertranslation.com

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