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Little Wolf
My Love Story
Thieme, Heike

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ISBN 978-3-7481-9391-3
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Little Wolf

I love these kind of Indian Love Stories. I fell in Love.
And I do feel the same to my Dearest.
They were called the Three Sisters. Iroquois myths tell of three beautiful girls who often walked in the moonshine around the fields in the neighborhood. The Mohawk women planted the corn kernels in holes they dug into the ground with digging sticks. When the seeds were germinated, they piled up around the base of the young straws soil to deter pests. Then they planted beans, the shoots of which climbed upwards against the maize stalks, towards the sun. Sometimes Squash was cultivated in between, its broad, shady leaves keeping the ground moist.

Heike Thieme

My Love Story Words inspirated in my Smalltalk with my special Love Frank in NY Mountains. Children in Love. Children of Sun.
Certainly it should be because children are sponges and learn sensitivity to the beauty at a speed n times higher than adults. I think a couple of hours a week of education right from elementary to high school can form a good background for those who start will then continue to grow independently that for which an individual is brought.

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