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From One Moment To Eternity
Mastering Life By Perseverance
Guery, Robert I.

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ISBN 978-3-7347-8557-3
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From One Moment To Eternity

In this essay the author describes the main aspects of a successful life in business, family, and society. He deals with changes and continuity in life that are closely connected. Although the different aspects of this essay can be found in single publications, written by specialists in particular fields, it is not easy to find a publication giving the reader an overall view that integrates all those aspects into one work.
The reader will be able to find many practical descriptions and suggestions to make life simpler and easier.

Robert I. Guery

The author, Robert I. Guery is an engineer and MBA. He has had a long career in various managerial positions and served for 22 years as the CEO of two successful companies. He has attended numerous seminars and educational courses at management schools. He has extensive experience in various fields: as a manager, as the father of three children, and as somebody who is active in professional associations. He has written numerous interesting technical articles in leading specialist journals.

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