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Asia with suit and tie
What you should be aware of during a business trip in Asia because anything can happen
Zeiler, Rolf

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ISBN 978-3-7322-7417-8
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Asia with suit and tie

An essential guide for the serious business traveller who wants to do serious business in Asia. From avoiding cultural faux pas to the fastest way from the airport to your hotel; from recognising the intrinsic negotiation style of a country’s businessman to handling their objections and closing deals. These great tips will ensure your success in Asia.
24 countries are individually covered in this extensive guide so you can apply them to the country you are visiting. Unspoken body language, social hierarchy and religious expectations rule Asia’s meetings and negotiations. Expect pitfalls where you think there are none. Expect agreements to be non-agreement in 24 hours. The guide prepares you for such surprises and shows you how to move and fit seamlessly into the Asia business world.
Asia is about loose legalities and law. Learn to tread them safely. Asia is also about exotic and strange cuisines, learn what they are, and most importantly, learn not to get sick. Having a Visa card will take you to some countries, know which are the ones where cash is king.
Compact, succinct with several amusing anecdotes, this compact guide will help you journey safely through the business minefields of Asia.

Rolf Zeiler

Rolf Zeiler lebte mehr als 20 Jahre in Singapur und war dort als Vice Chairman für ein deutsches Unternehmen tätig.
Heute pendelt er zwischen seiner Heimat in Emden, Deutschland, wo er sich in der Zwischenzeit ein Haus gekauft hat, und Singapur.
Sein erstes Buch, "Asien mit Anzug und Krawatte", ist die Aufarbeitung seiner Erfahrungen und der verschiedenen Kulturen in Asien als reisender Geschäftsmann.
Sein neues Buch, "Kopf hoch, Herbert, wenn der Hals auch dreckig ist", erzählt die ungewöhnliche Lebensgeschichte seines Vaters.

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