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The World in our Garden
A first-hand collection of horticultural and culinary experiences from Portugal
Kranich, Sabine; Kranich, Dietfrid

212 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-7448-4896-1
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The World in our Garden

Gardening tips from experts for those in love with Mediterranean gardens, livened up by description of typical Portuguese plants, their range of uses and Portuguese recipes. The authors gained and compiled all of this knowledge by using their own experiences. Those who plan to lay out a Mediterranean garden or are interested in Portugal´s flora and fauna, will find many useful tips in this book.

Sabine Kranich

Sabine Kranich lebt in Portugal und schreibt u.a. Geschichten. Geschichten über Menschen, Tiere und Pflanzen. Manchmal mit realem Hintergrund und manchmal geht die Realität über in das Reich des Phantastischen. Dennoch haben alle Geschichten auch etwas mit ihr selbst und ihrem Leben zu tun.

Dietfrid Kranich

Dietfrid Kranich, born 1947, is engineer and lives with is wife Sabine Kranich on a small farm in the Algarve for more than 20 years. They run, amongst others, a small, near to nature plant nursery.

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