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The White Brotherhood
Edelmann, Susanne; Og-Min, Lady Nayla; St. Germain, Lord

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ISBN 978-3-7504-2876-8
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The White Brotherhood

What exactly is an Ascended Master? And - what is he not?
What awaits an Embodied Master when he decides to stay on Earth?
What exactly is the White Brotherhood? And - what is it not?
This book is devoted to the answers to these questions and is deliberately written to sustainably dissolve the many realities created by man on the topics of Ascended Masters and White Brotherhood and, just as effectively, to implement Truth.
May the book serve you! You personally!

Susanne Edelmann

Current human embodiment of Lady Nayla Og-Min and writing author.


Lady Nayla Og-Min

Ascended Master, often embodied as a human. She has been a frequent member of the White Brotherhood leadership throughout her long life, but currently supports on Earth the various realms of various dimensions and on various other planetary constellations within her role within the Galactic Federation of Light.

Lord St. Germain

At best known as Adamus St. Germain, one of his human embodiments. Ascended Master and current leader of the White Brotherhood. Yet, at the same time, in a non-embodied way many times and in different ways supporting on planet earth.

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