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Metaphysics, Religion, and Heresy
In Honor of the 80th Anniversary of François Laruelle (Part 2)
Raynova, Yvanka (Hrsg.)

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ISBN 978-3-903068-25-4
Verlag: Axia Academic Publishers
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Metaphysics, Religion, and Heresy

This special issue of Labyrinth is the second part of a diptych dedicated to the eminent French philosopher François Laruelle in honor of his 80th Anniversary. The included essays deal with the Origins of Laruelle's Non-Philosophy in Ravaisson's Understanding of Metaphysics, the question of Religious Pluralism, the non-philosophical mystique and the rehabilitation of heresis, the analogies and differences of Laruelle's non philosophy to Iamblichus or Martin Heidegger. The contributors to this issue are Vincent Le, John M. Allison, Eleni Lorandou, Stanimir Panayotov, Ameen Mettawa, David Bremner, and Yvanka B. Raynova.

Yvanka Raynova (Hrsg.)

Yvanka B. Raynova is Full Professor of Contemporary Western Philosophy at the Institute for the Study of Sciences and Knowledge of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Director of the Institute for Axiological Research in Vienna.

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