5 Questions About Interim Management

5 Questions About Interim Management

Production Management for Managers

Marcus Karl Haman

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Interim Management has grown in several developed countries to an established and acknowledged tool to cover different topics in an organization. The applicability of an Interim Manager is multifold and in tricky as well as in everyday situations it can repre-sent an excellent alternative to own internal resources. Especially when topics, which cannot be found in the portfolio of the core competences of the undertaking have to be dealt with.

What does an interim manager stands for?
How does an interim manager work?
How does an interim manager proceed?
Which competences does an interim manager need?
Which work topics are covered by the interim manager?
Marcus Karl Haman

Marcus Karl Haman

In his profession Marcus Karl Haman, MSc was able to gain experience from the bottom up. He started as an trainee in electric and became plant manager, director, COO and CEO of leading companies within an productive environment several years later. He developed his knowledge in international companies like General Motors, SIEMENS or within the Coca-Cola system.
For further information please visit following website: www.haman.at

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