Art and Praxia

Art and Praxia

Plastique and Technique in Young Children's Drawings

Béatrice Guberan, François Gaillard , Editions Neuropsychologie (Hrsg.)


232 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9782839912518

Verlag: NeuropsychologieEditions

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2013

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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One more book on children’s drawings ?
Not really. This is a kind of interactive book.

Act 1: the authors provide scientific results from graphopraxic tests.
Act 2: the children aged 4 to 7 then expose their free drawings in the gallery.
Act 3: the reader compares them with relation to age and praxic ability, and eventually follows the child’s individual production from theme to theme.

It clearly appears that the skilled child from the praxic point of view does not regularly show artistic talents. Objets d’art are sometimes made by very young and praxically unskilled children. The reader becomes the judge. The book aims at defining precocious art and provides a new key to reading children’s drawings.
Béatrice Guberan

Béatrice Guberan

Béatrice Guberan, BA(education) & BA(interior design), graduated from two Lausanne High Schools. She first worked as a primary school teacher, raised two children, and later completed studies in art, showing by this a particular interest in the emergence of non-scholastic abilities in small children.

François Gaillard

François Gaillard

François Gaillard, PhD., Professor Emeritus from the Department of Psychology, Lausanne University, graduated from Geneva University, where he studied with Jean Piaget, Bärbel Inhelder and André Rey. He authored books, chapters and scientific articles in the fields of psychology, neuropsychology, child neuropsychology and learning disabilities.

Editions Neuropsychologie

Editions Neuropsychologie (Hrsg.)

Neuropsychology Editions, Lausanne, publishes scientific books in the fields of normal developmental neuropsychology and specific learning disabilities.

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