Bringing Hope to the Community Uganda (BHCU) Hoffnung in die Gemeinschaft Uganda bringen (BHCU)

Bringing Hope to the Community Uganda (BHCU) Hoffnung in die Gemeinschaft Uganda bringen (BHCU)

Werner Baron v. Zurek Eichenau

Natur- & Humanwissenschaften


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Erscheinungsdatum: 10.12.2021

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Bringing Hope To The Community Uganda BHCU is a community based organization registered with the government of Uganda to carry it's operations in helping the vulnerable and disadvantaged children most especially Brethren who can't afford to get themselves needs of the family and scholastic materials for their school going children, that's why we have run this campaign to help more brethren to support their families
Werner Baron v. Zurek Eichenau

Werner Baron v. Zurek Eichenau

The Zurek family comes from an old noble Polish family
Werner Zurek was born on March 13, 1952 in Voelklingen in the Saarland as the son of the employee Heinz Kurt Zurek and his wife Maria, née Kußler.
At the age of 6 he attended the Catholic elementary school Voelklingen - Geislautern and finished secondary school in Geislautern in 1968
From 1968 to 1970 he began training as a machine fitter.
From 1970 to 1972 he completed an apprenticeship at Roechling - Völklingen as a rolling mill (metallurgical skilled worker).
From 1972 to 1974 he was a two-year soldier with the German Federal Armed Forces in Daun, where he was trained as a radio operator in electronic combat reconnaissance. He finished his service as a sergeant. As a reservist, he was promoted to sergeant-major.
Acquisition of secondary school leaving certificate at ILS
From 1975 he was a civil servant candidate in the Ministry of Finance (Federal Customs Administration). After passing the final examination, he served as a border inspection officer according to the Federal Border Guard Act and as a customs officer in customs and tax matters and was therefore also an assistant to the public prosecutor
In 1975 he married his wife Ulrike, née Daub.
In 1982 his daughter Sandra was born.
In 2014 he retired.
Air defense training at the technical aid organization
Rifle line of the Federal Armed Forces
Training at the German Red Cross
State Explosives Permit
Basic certificate from the German Lifesaving Society
European police sport badge at the Federal Customs Administration. Also valid for the European Community.
Admission to the Royal Brotherhood of Saint Teotonius. Protector is the heir to the throne of Portugal, HRH the Duke of Braganza.
Bundeswehr veteran badge.
Aid organization sponsor: Bringing Hope to the Community Uganda (BHCU)
Member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

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