Changeship - Workbook

Changeship - Workbook

Building and scaling next generation businesses in the digital polypol: Purpose driven - Customer dedicated - Sustainability enabled

Burkard Schemmel

Wirtschaft & Management


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ISBN-13: 9783755779926

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Erscheinungsdatum: 14.01.2022

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This book is a hands-on guide that further illustrates the Changeship model and provides leaders with implementation advice. Based on the 10 phases this workbook graphically illustrates the 7 dimensions and link them to a holistic model. Leaders should define the 10 phases of their business model first. This can be related to the whole company or a specific team or even product. The next step is to define the dimensions:
1. Exponential growth potential.
2. Everything-as-a-service: Setup the business to meet the service standards and identify impacted business functions.
3. Mega trends: Assess how the business links to one or two of the mega trends.
4. Review business ethics considerations along 5 key questions.
5. Synthesize the firm's purpose.
Lastly, define success measurements: progress, Iteration, and outcomes and bring the process into a regular cycle of optimization. The last chapter contains a sample plan to manage the first 90 days of the transition. Refer to the main book for additional guidance.
Burkard Schemmel

Burkard Schemmel

Burkard Schemmel is a Senior Leader for business origination and digital business strategy, implementation, and operations. Burkard has been working for 20 years in High Tech Industry - from strategy to daily operations. Being an entrepreneur at heart, he founded 4 companies serving as CxO, helped mid-size organizations to develop new services, consulted large enterprises in strategy, technology, and operations, and ran large technology teams and B2B commerce operations. His focus is on accelerating growth by building global services, ecosystem plays, and "as-a-service" business models.

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