EFL Communication Strategies in Second Life

EFL Communication Strategies in Second Life

An exploratory study

Susan Gowans


120 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783848216987

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.10.2012

Sprache: Englisch

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This book is based on a research project carried out at Edinburgh University and reports the findings of an exploratory case study examining communication strategy use between three adult EFL learners from diverse cultural backgrounds and their teacher whilst incorporating voice and text chat during meaning-focused conversation tasks in Second Life. The analysis of the session transcript revealed that participants employed many of the communication strategies concomitant with face-to-face interactions for effective conversation management. The data also revealed that the participants adapted their communication strategies to suit the Second Life platform, thus overcoming conversational ambiguities arising from the absence of paralinguistic signals. In addition, discourse analysis of the transcript offered further insight into power relations, politeness and risk taking and provided signs of sociocultural learning and language development in line with second language acquisition (SLA) theory. Finally, the paper concludes that the modalities provided by the Second Life platform offer learners an alternative for communication and showing presence during discussion. It also concludes that teacher facilitation and continued support is important to engage learners in the virtual environment, to mediate the acclimatisation of the new surroundings and encourage them to take risks, thus taking control of their learning and autonomous practice. It evaluates the potential of using Second Life for language teaching and learning and provides a direction for future research.
Susan Gowans

Susan Gowans

Susan Gowans is a graduate of Dundee University and recently obtained an MSc TESOL with distinction from the University of Edinburgh. Her career as an educator and teacher trainer has included teaching English in primary, secondary and private schools in Japan, South Korea and her native Scotland.
She is currently engaged at an elementary school in South Korea, where she teaches conversational English from grade four to six both in the classroom and in online environments. She is passionate about all aspects of language-teaching methodology, in particular issues relating to online language learning and teaching and shares her insights by holding regular methodology workshops for Korean teachers.
In addition to education, her current interests include health and nutrition, world cuisine, food photography, jewellery and accessory design as well as children's and young adult literature, in particular picture books and their potential as a powerful tool for language learning.

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