Follow the sun

Follow the sun

Love till all eternity

Dieter Gerhard


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ISBN-13: 9783735711717

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Erscheinungsdatum: 22.07.2014

Sprache: Englisch

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After the death of his beloved wife, questions to which there really is no answer torment him; refuses to acknowledge that such a dear to man has left him forever there. The apartment is empty and silent, and this silence is fatal.
Emotions come to the fore, which are powerful and scary and hope is fading, ever see his true love again.
In solitude wrapped, protected by questions, with pity and terrible feelings, he rocked in memories of good times, the times that were so alive, as if they were present when he would experience a second time.
Romantic evenings, common banter, wit and charm came to the fore, along with the kidnapping to an exceptional dinner in a parking lot, a magical view point over the River Elbe, a personal message on an unusual way and the unforgivable fact, forget Valentine's Day have to.
Memories ... but at some point the fate brought them together again.
Dieter Gerhard

Dieter Gerhard

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