How to tell it...

How to tell it...

Leseprobe für Clara.

Malen Radi

Gesellschaft, Politik & Medien


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Erscheinungsdatum: 15.01.2015

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How to tell it.

How can we talk about uncertainties and of which tell his children? -
What is a defender of the bond? What that means to me sacrament of marriage? What is the role a true partnership? Why is it important common rear children? What is education? What ambitions do I have? The teachings of life, how can you interpret it correctly? So many questions.

Conception religion. The path of the light-cave allegory. Disaster-recovery. A chance in life? Who is the Savior? Children are the most wonderful. It goes through various developments in life.
Bringing children into the world. Religion Church. Chastity and Lust. Dreams and hope. Discipline.

Humanities and faith. Female characters. What is so all in your head. Disorder.

The braid of memories. Can you finish with the past? My day ends with a belief in hope. We do not forget. I want to convert everything I experience so.
Deportation prison penalty. What a lot. Salvation. Adhesion damage. A stamp forever.
The love for the children a great happiness. What is the social contract?
A time to live in Klausur- cells and memories of the monastic life. Liturgy of the Hours. Fear and anxiety.
Hell jail cell window. Fantasies and stories. Quiet is almost all day long. Transitions.
Endless Flure- closer. Doors and keys. Barriers to runaway. Distance-distance and regulations. Sensations of a different kind.
Actual events?
Malen Radi

Malen Radi

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