I really tried not to write about you

I really tried not to write about you

Lina Geiger

Klassiker & Lyrik


68 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783756874071

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 24.11.2022

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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I am absolutely sure that yesterday I knew way more than I know today.
I had thoughts in my mind but now I remain thoughtless.
I had visions, but they're invisible now.
I felt love, but I am out of love right now.
I knew your smell, but the only thing I am able to smell right now is the body spray you always use, which I bought to comfort myself when you're not around.
I saw things that made me smile, but today I am blind.
I heard your laugher, but all I can hear right now is silence.
And I felt you, but all I can sense right now is the cold blade on my skin and it'll give way to the feeling of my warm blood soon.
Lina Geiger

Lina Geiger

What can I say about myself.
My name is Lina Geiger, I am 25 years old and currently I'm living in Augsburg. I have a lovely dog named Smoky, who definitely saved my life many times. Guess that's it.

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