Information Security Officer: Job profile, necessary qualifications, and awareness raising explained in a practical way

Information Security Officer: Job profile, necessary qualifications, and awareness raising explained in a practical way

Basis: ISO/IEC 2700x, BSI Standards 200-x, and IT-Grundschutz Compendium

Margit Scholl


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ISBN-13: 9783945740095

Verlag: Buchwelten Verlag

Erscheinungsdatum: 23.02.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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Congratulations on your new job as an information security officer! What does this responsibility actually entail? How will you manage not to get bogged down? How are you going to keep all the relevant issues in mind? How will you get started? This book is intended to help you take a holistic approach to information security while retaining an overview of the topic. Its primary aim is to impart the essentials of the IT-Grundschutz approach - both as theory and practice - as per the BSI standards 200-x. This book not only serves as a practical guide to basic protection but also allows you to understand the procedure on your own computer as a mini scenario. Another focus is on awareness-raising trainings for employees of your institution targeted at specific groups. These trainings will need to be individually initiated, planned, implemented, and evaluated. We deal with the relevant technical and organizational aspects and focus on a discursive learning atmosphere devoted to interpersonal exchange, experience-oriented learning scenarios, and practical demonstrations designed to achieve a sustained effect and benefit all employees. Have fun reading and good luck with implementing the ideas!
Margit Scholl

Margit Scholl

Margit Christa Scholl (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.)
In 1994, she received a professorship at the Bernau University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg and helped transfer the pilot courses for public administration to the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, today's TH Wildau, in 1997. She then became the head of IT first-level support in what is now ZIT-BB and briefly supported the Federal University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in Berlin.
In 2001, she returned to TH Wildau as a professor for business and administrative informatics in the Department of Business, Administration, and Law (FB WIR). In addition to IT and enterprise applications, project management, and e-government, her specific research focuses are information technology and digital science, infrastructures, conducive learning, individual and organizational learning, and digital media.
In 2010, she founded WILLE - the Wildau institute for innovative teaching, lifelong learning, and creative evaluation. This also gave her research group a new focus: on information security and data protection and awareness. As a highly active research professor, she received her university's research award in 2011, spent a research semester in 2013 at the iSchool of the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, and received a five-year research professorship at TH Wildau in 2014. Her goal in this new position was to develop a holistic understanding of technology. Since then, she has implemented this principle both in teaching and in other third-party funded projects.

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