Living Systems Information Therapy LSIT

Living Systems Information Therapy LSIT

Introduction to Quantum Medicine

Bodo Köhler

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ISBN-13: 9783749471461

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Erscheinungsdatum: 22.08.2019

Sprache: Englisch

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LSIT is based on the scientific foundation of quantum physics. This deals with holistic structures and their interactions. The high dynamics of life is achieved by constantly changing relationships and opportunities, combined with a high gain of experience. This improves the adaptability and the chances of survival.
Everything is subject to a higher meaning communicated to us about spiritual needs. We are spirit-driven beings who inhabit a body subject to electrodynamic laws. Each action requires information and energy, which we call up about our intentions.
Diseases can be treated with medication. These transmit certain healing information. The LSIT uses this information directly, without need of pills. That's what makes them so efficient. It is capable of initiating healing processes even in advanced diseases.
Bodo Köhler

Bodo Köhler

Dr Bodo Koehler, MD can look back on an eventful but fulfilled life. After completing his studies, many years of comprehensive education and training at various teaching hospitals followed as well as at congresses and seminars. After 10 years of clinical practice, the medical activity was continued in own practice.
This was followed by teaching at home and abroad as well as research and development of own therapy methods and devices.
Through the exchange with many scientists, a completely new perspective emerged, which as Life Supporting Medicine LSM found the way into many practices.

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