Sound Runes of Sirius

Sound Runes of Sirius

An adventure trip into the universe in you

Iyánéé - Matthias W. Kamp


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I sat at the computer, a medium I have been familiar with for decades, and received the message to close my eyes and receive a set of runes from Sirius. Twelve or thirteen, it was said. I should start a painting program and digitally record it directly. The "why?" hid himself from me first .... Four evenings of going through 12 1 symbols, 93 variants and 13 1 sounds to the symbols. 8 weeks of nightly lucid dreams like I had never experienced before followed. experience * feel * experience. Today we know that everything in our world is just an expression of energy. Both in the micro- as well as in the macrocosm. And energy wants to flow. With the sound runes of Sirius you put yourself in a position to be able to consciously guide these energy flows in your life. Purposeful flowing energy is always a change in the status quo. With the sound runes you become your change. Numerology, color theory, symbolism and sounds for today's fast moving times. Keeping it simple for direct use a given present moment.
Iyánéé - Matthias W. Kamp

Iyánéé - Matthias W. Kamp

Identity mentor, computer scientist, and shaman. At some point I realized that what I thought of how life worked didn't logically fit in with what was happening in life. My collection of programs "This is how life works" has been reduced to absurdity. So I decided to study life anew, from the scratch. There were people in my life, people from all kinds of cultures around the globe, and gradually showed me a little more what life is all about and how to study yourself and nature. Some of them were called shamans, some had other names. And some none at all. At some point I got used to the fact that people I could help call me shaman. "Seeing in the dark" is the literal translation, the analogous one is "looking behind the scenes".

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