with Jesus on patrol

with Jesus on patrol

and why prayer has to do with the police

Günther Kunstmann


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This book tells in an entertaining but profound way how Jesus can be present in over 40 years of service of a police officer and even miracles happen. So-called police-service miracles.

What empowered prayer can do and thus also lead police investigations to success.
Amazing true reports and experiences that inspire and motivate, make you wonder, hope and pray, and activate your own position as a Christian and your mission in society in a new way.

Ended accident and burglary series, busted drug rings and caught big dealers, all these self-experienced things of the police everyday life and much more, are told in this book. Connections with biblical truths, practical implementation and the dangers of passive Christianity are also shown.
Nothing is impossible for Jesus!
Günther Kunstmann

Günther Kunstmann

Günther Kunstmann, born in 1957, grew up in an evangelical free church and decided at the age of 13 to give his life to Jesus. He learned a lot and enthusiastically about Jesus and the faith, but always came up against limits. Through the filling with the Holy Spirit, his adventurous journey into the world of God's wonders and new dimensions began. Truths from the Word of God became visible and his life changed steadily. In over 41 years as a police officer, mostly in the field, he saw and experienced beautiful and exhilarating things, but also saw terrible and tragic things. He experienced again and again the power of faith in Jesus and prayer. In 1991, together with his wife Andra, he founded the church Jesus Gemeinde Bamberg and both have been the pastors and leaders of the church since that time. Their joint ministry has taken them to different countries so far, where they minister among other things with teaching about the Kingdom of God and its supernaturalism. Signs, miracles and healings are happening in increasing numbers.

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