New Ethics. A unifying Goal. An Association to Save the World.

Ted Ganten

Geistes-, Sozial- & Kulturwissenschaften


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We currently live in the best of all worlds. Yet, if we continue as is, we will soon put an end to the success story of Homo Sapiens - and perhaps to life on our planet. So now is the time for a fresh start. A start that will turn some of our well-beloved perspectives upside down. For the survival of humanity, it is crucial to no longer place humans at the center of our thinking, but rather our planet.
New ethics must be developed that focus on the preservation of earth as a habitat for all existing and future forms of life. Such a change of perspective will only happen if we have a common goal that goes above and beyond the preservation of the planet. A goal that inspires us, a human dream that motivates us to give our very best. And finally, to pursue this dream of mankind we need an organization that offers more efficiency, continuity, and identification potential than nations or associations of states.
Dr. Ted Ganten in "Terraism" asks the right questions and offers solutions. The booklet is neither a scientific treatise nor an academic, philosophical discourse. It is a call for action. It wants to be questioned and discussed - by people who recognize the destructive potential of Homo Sapiens - but decide to turn their attention to the creative potential. People who do not want to stop progress but shape it. Are you with us?
Ted Ganten

Ted Ganten

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