The Adventure of Self-Coaching

The Adventure of Self-Coaching

Discover and tap your full potential

Ian Kyburz


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ISBN-13: 9783732293704

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Erscheinungsdatum: 02.01.2014

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Discover and tap your full potential
Self-Coaching is the steering of one’s own self-development in a mindful and conscious way.

The mindful Self-Coaching approach builds on creating an Inner Coach and mindful companion. With a serene mind-set this can build a creative inner dialogue that reveals hidden potential, unused resources and paves the way to achieve self-development goals.

This book explains Self-Coaching and how to develop Self-Coaching skills.

Why you might be interested in this book:

Since years we’ve been learning to better manage our time, prioritise and order tasks, etc. This is termed self-management. The related required methods and tools have become standard today.

In spite of these methods and tools and our good intentions, goals, tasks, schedules, and prioritizations we are still not achieving what we intended.


It is as though there is someone in us who has different goals and is not disclosing them. Over time, we realize that we cannot simply manage ourselves because there is a lot more inside affecting us than we can consciously perceive.

It is therefore worthwhile to consider oneself mindfully and address the facets, layers, impulses, feelings and subconscious brain activity that make up our personas. Even better is to be a mindful and supportive companion (coach).

This book teaches the reader how to adopt mindfulness and apply it to active self-development.
Ian Kyburz

Ian Kyburz

Motto: Experience unexpected triggers for both personal and professional transformation.

Ian Kyburz has amassed years of professional experience through a long and varied career with blue chip companies; where he has been in such diverse roles as Business Consultant, Human Resources Consultant and Organizational & Team Development expert. This varied background has allowed him to develop an unmatched mix of skills and coaching insight solidly founded on practice.

On a number of occasions he has had the opportunity of being the client of personal advisors and coaches, which has provided him with further insight to understanding successful coaching techniques as well as to develop new and innovative ways to ensure sustainable learning processes.

His coaching approach is founded on over 40 years of research into coaching and Self-Coaching, e.g. self-, team and organizational development, change management, neurobiology, psychology, psychotherapy, western and eastern philosophy as well as systemic thinking (Bateson, Watzlawick, Maturana,Varela, Willke etc.). He integrates proven coaching and Self-Coaching standards (including relaxation and mindfulness techniques), integrative, systemic and resource oriented and other proven approaches from the humanistic psychology tradition. He completed a three-year coaching training at the IBP Institute in Switzerland).

Contact: Ian Kyburz, 1to1Coach,,

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