The People Effect

The People Effect

The Art of Joining Forces to Unfold the Human Potential

Manuel Jork

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Beware: There Comes Some Mind Boggling Stuff

People have brains. It serves to unfold the potentials of human beings. Potentials are possibilities. People have an inexhaustible variety of possibilities. They are finely tuned creatures that are elastic and can withstand a lot. They are sensitive and empathic, they can reflect on themselves and others, they can transfer knowledge and experience to different fields of action and they can anticipate the effects of their actions. They can achieve great things with this. But there is a catch. No brain exists on its own. This sounds strange. Especially for individualists. But it is true. Brains always interact with other brains. Potentials therefore unfold through meaningful interactions of preferably different people. The more different people are, the more abundant the possibilities. People cannot not interact. They have no choice. They must cooperate. But they do not always want to. Preferably they ought to cooperate with different people. But this they like even less. At this point tensions, many contradictions and sensitivities arise. Here you can create an influential impact now. I know you want it. I know you think it is difficult. And it is. It is very difficult. But it is possible.
Manuel Jork

Manuel Jork

Manuel Jork was born in Berlin in 1955, studied law at the FU-Berlin and worked as labor lawyer and HR manager in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main from 1982 to 2000. During these years he was certified by Klaus Grochowiak as NLP Master and Consultant for System Dynamics. In 1990 he started working as freelance consultant and coach. He accompanies executives and negotiation professionals at their limits and is specialized in establishing cooperation between different people. He focuses on interfaces in organizations. The most amazing things happen at interfaces. Above all, it is here that it is decided whether competencies and performance unfold or get lost. He combines labor law and psychotherapy with organizational and management development. Together with a Swiss company, he has developed an international management program which has been implemented worldwide. The communication methods presented here are applied there. They connect all cultures. He lives with his wife and dog in Northern Germany close to the Baltic Sea. Together they have three grown up children. He is a member of Mensa in Germany and of Professor Gerald Hüther's Academy for Unfoldment of Potentials.

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