The Power Of Positivity

The Power Of Positivity

Reaching your potential by changing your outlook

Davies Guttmann


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ISBN-13: 9783735737687

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Erscheinungsdatum: 04.06.2014

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Do you think you can make a difference to your own life just by changing the way you think? Your answer to this might just tell you something about your own view of the world and your receptiveness to positive thinking. But it is a topic worth keeping an open mind on and it does warrant further investigation and scrutiny. There is a large body of published work on the subject and this collection draws on some it and point up a lot of other ideas and sources. It also views the scientific evidence for the principles and the practical outcomes that some people appear to have extracted from using the concept. You can make your own mind up on how useful and genuine this all is.If you feel your life is going nowhere – what have you got to lose?
Davies Guttmann

Davies Guttmann

Davies Guttmann was born in 1966 in Vienna, were he lives with his wife and their four children.
He started his business life 1988 as editor of the leading Austrian stock market letter. Many other financial publications followed. Guttmann also worked for various newspapers as a financial journalist. In the 90ies he was co-publisher of werk-zeug, a technology and art magazine, as well as Streetfashion, a magazine featuring fashionable people on the streets of the world.
After this Guttmann worked as a Alternative Investment and Private Equity specialist.

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