Wake up, we're here

Wake up, we're here

Ann Malone


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ISBN-13: 9783848204106

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 29.03.2012

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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During the Iraq war I realized that all the nations of the earth were living in the apartment complex with us here and we get on well. We have our differences and so it should be but we live together and there are no small wars. We all talk a lot together and are constantly surprised by our similarities.
I am not an idealist, thinking the world can live together in perfect harmony, even within a family life can be difficult. There are sharks and small fish everywhere. But I think that when people realize that they ache the same, feel lonely, disappointed, dance for joy and laugh the same despite their colour/religion/status differences, maybe this understanding will make small differences in our small communities everywhere.
I distributed forms that people filled out. I collected the lists of all their good and bad memories and then made up stories to express the emotions associated with the memories listed. The stories are written in the “I” form which tell a lifetime of memories from birth to death. It is written as one life, a human life, our lives irrelevant of whether the memory stems from a male or female, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, black, white or yellow. We can all see our differences. I hope by reading the book each person can feel our sameness, our human nature.
Ann Malone

Ann Malone

Born in Dublin in 1965. Ann grew up as any Dublin girl, playing on the street with her pals. Being Irish, friendships are gold dust. Many of her good friends are from childhood and teenage years. She has been fortunate to meet such good hearted people who have supported and given her joy throughout life in Ireland and Switzerland.
When you are out having a good time you don't write poems but on the days that are difficult or in that space between awake and asleep thoughts and emotions stir up words that are expressed in the poems. The power of nature also inspires a lot of the ideas.

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