Integration of newly arrived migrants by means of competency as-sessment and high-quality further vocational training

. Baltic Sea Academy (Hrsg.), Jürgen Hogeforster (Hrsg.), Christian Wildt (Hrsg.), Max Hogeforster (Hrsg.)


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ISBN-13: 9783752641240

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Erscheinungsdatum: 14.01.2021

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There is already a great shortage of skilled workers in the EU, increasing due to demographic developments. Through smooth integration into working life, refugees and migrants can make important contributions to overcome the shortage of skilled workers. The successful integration into the job market is limited by a high level of certificate belief in most host countries. Particularly difficult is the assessment and recognition of informally acquired competences which have already been acquired in several years of professional experience. It is at this informal level that refugees would like to continue in the host country. The project pursued this innovative, promising approach of evaluating the actual competencies to achieve a promising integration of refugees into working life in the participating countries as quickly as possible by

1. Identifying competencies, skills and aptitudes through a two-stage assessment procedure.

2. Focused on this, completion of a further training programme with an official educational qualification so that a recognized professional certificate can be obtained.

3.Individual coaching with placement in permanent jobs in SMEs.
The project INTACT, was dedicated to the integration of newly arrived migrants into working life. The project was carried out from 15. January 2018 to 14. January 2021 by seven partners from five countries. This publication describes the used methods and experiences of the project.

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. Baltic Sea Academy

. Baltic Sea Academy (Hrsg.)

Jürgen Hogeforster

Jürgen Hogeforster (Hrsg.)

Christian Wildt

Christian Wildt (Hrsg.)

Max Hogeforster

Max Hogeforster (Hrsg.)

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