Logical English Grammar

Logical English Grammar

Marlon A. Jaun


96 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783746063430

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 08.02.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Dear English students, teachers and interested party, this book you hold in your hand is very valuable to learn and teach English grammar with a system of clear definitions and in a logical
way. I found out that in different grammar books and also different teachers from English schools are used different descriptions for the same meaning. When I was an English language student in Cambridge (UK), 2017, the English grammar was confused for me, because I`m a logical thinker and I will learn with a system, but I couldn`t found a logical system to learn the English grammar. The most problem was that I found different descriptions for the same meaning in different grammar books. As example in some grammar books is written Simple Past and in others Past Simple, but it is still the same. But also continuous and progressive is the same. Another difficult point was the English Tenses, because I couldn`t find a table with all Tenses so I don`t know how many they has. Also here was the problem that for the same Tense I found different descriptions. As example the Past continuous is the same as Past progressive. Another problem was that also different teachers used different descriptions for the same Tense. In some cases they described and explained the Past progressive and other teachers call them Past continuous although it is the same. Completely confused was that this Past progressive in some grammar book is called Past continuous too. This book offers you to learn grammar in a short time, because it is logical and it is a summary of different sources. Don`t waste your time anymore to research in different books to find out what`s the meaning, definitions and descriptions is. This book solving a lot of problems which students have and it is in a compact form. With this book you save money and time. Sincerely M.A. Jaun
Marlon A. Jaun

Marlon A. Jaun

Marlon A. Jaun has a General Management education with focus on Business Engineering and business processes. Furthermore he has a broad knowledge of chemical/pharmaceutical production, especially as chemical worker and managerial employee with pilot plant station in process development. The author has also worked as Business Support Manager / Special Field Engineer in disposal of radioactive waste and Energy Industry (water power stations). Marlon A. Jaun has an Executive MBA education , is certified Engineer Eureta, graduated Technician HF for company processes (business administration) and has finished two apprenticeships with Swiss Federal Diploma (laboratory and chemical technician), with focus on chemistry, technique and science. In his free time, he has been a passionate diver for over 20 years and is very interested in marine life. I am pleased to be able to make a difference to the way students learn English.

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