Steve & Wheelie - Mountainbike Adventure

Steve & Wheelie - Mountainbike Adventure

Paul and Henriette

Stefan Pastor

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ISBN-13: 9783750416338

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 25.11.2019

Sprache: Deutsch

Farbe: Ja

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Our two friends Steve and Wheelie are comfortably enjoying life in their peaceful log cabin at the lake. Thanks to the crackling fire of the new stove, neither snowstorms nor frost can touch them. But they would not be Steve & Wheelie were they not drawn out into the wilds to experience new adventures. That much may already be revealed at this point – Paul the Moose and Henriette the Grouse are going to play an important role in the surprising up coming course of events...
Stefan Pastor

Stefan Pastor

Stefan Pastor was born on December 18, 1962, in Northern Bavaria, Germany. As far back as his early childhood he loved nature and dreamed of adventures and of the great outdoors.

At the age of 19 he fulfilled his heart's desire and traveled to North America by himself, where he first roamed Western Canada for three months. A Canadian he met gave him the nickname Steve, which he has been using from then on whenever touring the country. He made a living doing forestry work. Studying natural sciences in second chance education and getting a master's degree he made another dream come true and has been working as a freelance biologist ever since.

While on a mountain bike ride in the wooded uplands around his home town he had the idea for a comic book - the adventures of Steve and his talking mountain bike Wheelie.

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