The Bearable Ordeal of the Collapse of Certainties

The Bearable Ordeal of the Collapse of Certainties


T. Martinus


72 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9789081782906


Erscheinungsdatum: 10.10.2011

Sprache: Niederländisch

Farbe: Ja

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He remembers the building crashing down all around him but not how he got in a hostel in the middle of Amsterdam. He now awakens with only pictures, poetry and postcolonial sounds to help him figure out what happened and where he needs to go.

THE BEARABLE ORDEAL OF THE COLLAPSE OF CERTAINTIES infuses poetry with location based writing to bring a fresh way of looking at Dutch colonial history and its legacy. It’s about the past and the way it still lives on in the present through us. It’s about embracing spaces where nothing is certain anymore. It’s about love and loving without judgment. As the story jumps from topic to topic, connected through the associative mind of an inquisitive twentysomething Dutch Antillian, a vast landscape of intertwined fates becomes visible. With the current political climate in the Netherlands this play seeks to understand how it got so far and what can be done to turn the tide of xenophobia and populism wreaking havoc on society today.
T. Martinus

T. Martinus

T. Martinus (1984, Curaçao/St. Maarten) is a performance poet and writer whose work references Postcolonial Studies, Gender studies en Cultural Studies. He is part of the writer's group Simia Literario, the first ever columnist for the National Institute for Dutch Slavery History and Heritage (NiNsee) and part of the Pan African artist collective State of L3. In 2011 he debuted his first one man show The Bearable Ordeal of the Collapse of Certainties premiere at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

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